Prayer Request

Suriname Prayer Request

Pray for our government to be lead by God in making all decisions. Especially decisions regarding the Economy & Covid-19. Pray for our small business owners. Pray for the Kids & Teens all over the world for protection, peace. That they too may experience and know God in this season.

Netherlands Prayer Request

Pray for the government.  Pray for people who lost their job because of the virus.  Pray for Healing of the sick, we have over 19000 cases of the coronavirus.  Pray for the church/body of Christ to keep standing and hold on to their faith. 

Dominica Prayer Request

Pray for the Nation of Dominica’s leaders that they will  turn completely to God as it is only through Him we will overcome this virus. Pray for the frontline workers  who have been 100% dedicated to the  task, and also for the citizens of the nation to obey the legislation that has been put in …

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Aruba Prayer Request

Pray for the Government. For wisdom. Pray for the thousands who have lost their job or have no job security. Pray for our Economy. Our Tourism is at a standstill. It is devastating. Please pray for the sick that they would be healed.  Domestic violence is on the rise. Please pray for families, especially women …

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Costa Rica Prayer Request

Pray that the entire country of Costa Rica and the nations will stay at home to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Pray that God. in his mercy, shows scientists a way to find the proper vaccine for the coronavirus. Pray for the souls of the people. 

Nigeria Prayer Request

Pray for clarity for the church in Nigeria so they will know which way to go and what God is expecting from us to do. Please pray that we let God, in his sovereign power, rule the affairs of our country. It seems our government has been highjacked we don’t know who our leaders really …

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Tridad Prayer Request

Pray that the government makes the right decisions that’s best for all the front line workers and their protection. Pray that the public takes the ‘stay at home’ implementation more seriously. Pray for the resilience  of the economy.  Pray that the people will sincerely  return to God during all of this pandemic. 

St Vincent Prayer Request

Pray for the economy that a lot of money will be pumped into the economy due to the tourism market being at a standstill.  Pray for the Unemployment much coming from hotel sector.

Cuba Prayer Request

Pray for the nation where 12 have died and 457 people have the coronavirus. Pray for the government and for open doors to the church for pray Pray for open doors with TV and Radio. Pray for food to be available to every Cuban house.

Bahamas Prayer Request

Pray that all Leaders, (Spiritual, Government and community) walk in Obedience, Humility  and Wisdom of God. Pry for unity throughout the Family of Islands not just Nassau (30 inhabited) cancel division in the islands. Pray for the release of Holy Spirit to move sweep through our Nation for unprecedented Salvations and Healings from diseases and …

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