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Dear Intercessor Partner,

God is calling His nations to an awakening of prayer and worship. This vision is to enable us to see and hear clearly what the Father is doing in this season. He is giving us 20/20 vision to see our position in prayer. We are praying for 444 committed intercessors to join us.

The Father is wanting to awaken the nations through unified prayers and worship that changes our homes, cities, churches and families. His heart is to call out and gather intercessors, worshippers, hidden prayer warriors, and positional leaders to stand with Him in these last days as one army.

We will be connecting nations in prayer all over the world through webinars, email and our website.  We will gather together in strategic places to pray for the nations, to bring healing to the land, and salvation to souls. He wants all nations to pray together in this hour.

He gave us “Awaken My Beloved.” Isaiah 52:1-10

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