February Prayer for Exalt 2022

May 6, 2022: National Day of Prayer 7-9pm at the Wilkerson-Sanders Memorial Stadium in Rockwall, TX.  Sign up and register to attend Exalt 2022 at ROCKWALLUNITED.COM

Purpose:  a Night of Worship – key to shifting our families, cities, and nation; to fill the stadium with 8,000 men, women and children 

Video about the discovery of the rock wall: It seems many are having trouble finding this video. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Youtube.com
  2. Click on “Videos”
  3. Search for: America Unearthed: Ancient Ruins Buried Beneath a Texas Town
  4. You will see a picture of 3 men: one with a shovel digging up the rock wall.


What is the purpose of praying for Rockwall? What would we like to see? What is drawing us? The following statements are from the hearts of two faithful men that have prayed for unity in Rockwall for 20 plus years.  Agree with these men.

  1. Pray that our hope and our expectation for this event will be a catalyst – not only for this city but also for the nation. 
  2. Pray that we become a whole church of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  3. Pray that we get to the point where we don’t care who gets the credit and, go with the flow and stay in it. 
  4. Pray that our seed is being sown in good soil for the harvest of souls
  5. Pray that we are moving into the new era now. 

God tells us that as we come together as one, corporate prayer carries much authority in unity. We become a team, one that complies with the Word of God. On this journey of intercession, Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray and, gives us strategies to fulfill everything in His heart to pray.  The Father would not require us to pray and then not answer!

God is looking for those that want to know Him, experience and, draw near to Him in that intimate place. We are praying from the depths of the Spirit in us to going to a place that only the Spirit of God can take us. 

What is intercession?

Intercession is the delivery system from heaven to earth and back. We don’t know how to pray except Holy Spirit prays through us.  We are on earth to pray His prayers and make His decrees. Authority flows out of consistent prevailing prayer.  It brings the Presence of the Lord.  It’s the secret place of authority to be experienced more than taught. 

In life, some are compliant and some contend.  Those who contend have a spirit of religion.  They wear you out!  Those who comply have the Spirit of God.  They join in unity with what God is doing. Perhaps, God is upgrading you today to a new level.  Intercession is a powerful prayer application to be activated in the spirit realm. It is submission to Holy Spirit in prayer and coming under authority.  It’s taking on the assignment given, standing in the gap until it comes to completion.

In Phil.3:10 (NKJV) Paul says,  that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings being conformed to His death.

As we lay our lives down as Jesus did, He gives us prayer assignments to bring His kingdom to earth.  Today is the day that we thank Him for choosing us as intercessors to birth His answers into the earth realm.  His purpose is to deliver people and even this nation from the enemy’s clutches.

Hindrances, delays, distractions become little foxes that have become so familiar that we miss seeing their true intention. They want to hinder our forward movement.  They come from all directions, even from those closest to you.

Take some time to address those things that entangle you, hinder your focus and, keep you in bondage from being an effective intercessor.  Let His Peace overtake you.  When I think of the number of times I’ve heard that statement, let His Peace overtake you or I pray His peace over you.  I’ve seen that my troubling distress often would not allow His Peace into my heart. It has become so familiar to our ears that we fail to get needed comfort.

 When we apply His truth as the answer, we come under the authority of our Father, submitting to Him, we resist the devil and, he has to go!  When we receive His Peace into our circumstances, nothing else matters but Him. He is our Peace and the answer to all life’s little foxes that trouble us. Do not receive the deception but rise up in Jesus’ Name and declare:

  • Jesus is my Security
  • Jesus is my Deliverer
  • Jesus is my Hope
  • Jesus is my Promise Keeper
  • The Joy of the Lord is my Strength
  • His Love never fails!

Pray this with me:

Father God, I recognize that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  NO MORE HINDRANCES!  NO MORE DELAYS!! Forgive me for any worry, concern, or words spoken out of my mouth that would contend against Your plan.  I repent and change my mind. I am Your intercessor to bring heaven to earth through Holy Spirit dwelling in me. I do not submit to any spiritual authority other than Jesus Christ and refuse agreement with all other spirits that I may encounter. Thank You for your ministry to me today. Freedom and Victory belong to me!

In Jesus’ Name, I pray.