Cancun Prayer Request

  1. Pray for protection and healing for the land and the people. Here in the city there are already 100 infected with Covid19 and 5 dead.
  2. Pray ror the Economy and provision for families and pastors. Most of the money comes from turism and hotel zone and now it’s collapsed. Many people were fired from their jobs without compensation. 
  3. Pray for people and families who have committed suicide between the ages of 15 and 29, mostly due to unemployment.
  4. Pray for the children. Cancún is third nationally with child pornography.
  5. Pray for marriages. The city is wanted by people for high sex trafficking, and 80% of divorces are due to adultery, in the city approximately 2000 the last 2 years.
  6. Pray for the Spiritual leadership. There is too much adultery and sexual immorality.
  7. Pray for Repentance. Cancún stands out for idolatry, witchcraft sorcery.