We are being prepared to … “Call On the Name of the Lord!”

Genesis 4:26

Join us!


September 13, 2020 – November 3, 2020 

What a privilege we have as Believers that we can go to the Lord Jesus and present our requests to Him in prayer.  The United States of America is comprised of 50 States, how beautiful would it be if we were all praying the same thing each day from our State!  Will you join us in praying for America?

We are asking individuals from each State to stand in prayer for their State, would you prayerfully consider joining us?
If you are interested in praying with us please let us know by emailing us at 2020vgathering@gmail.com with your First and Last Name and State that you will be praying for

Below are the 50 Daily Prayer Points in either calendar form or list form.
​Click below to download
50 Days Praying Points Calendar
50 Days Daily Prayer Points List Form

International Prayer Map

Below is a map of the countries that are praying and the times they will be praying. Each participating country is highlighted in green. Hover your mouse over each country to see more information.

Preparing for 2020 Vision Gathering

Our vision is to call out the Revolutionaries, Prophetic Intercessors, Prophetic  Worshippers, Precious Anna’s Hidden Prayer Partners, and Positional Leaders. Let’s contact all these soldiers of Zion and bring them together to strategize for 2020 and connect in perfect Vision. Through this we will become one army.

We have 195 countries and the goal is to have 2 intercessors that will began to take a specific country, find and connect with warriors from each country,  and awaken these places with unified prayers.  The 2020 Vision Gathering, through our prayers,  will Awaken the nations. We are looking for those who are willing to stand and say yes!


Start now by focusing on prayer and worship. Seek heart felt prayers that hear the heart of God and see His change for our City. Not a church strategy to have corporate prayer.

Establishing Prayer for the City

  • First focus on Unity in the hearts of leadership through pray

  • Second pray for each church that they have a mission so they can move in their missions.

  • To see healing for the land and the people

  • To see salvation within the souls of the city coming to the Lord


  • Prepare your heart. – preparation for a pure heart

  • Prepare for all night Prayer – preparing for endurance

  • repare for corporate fasting – preparing for deliverance

  • Keep records of answer Prayers – prepared to hear effective

  • Praying for revival – Preparing time of repentance

  • Showing us the Prayer mountain – Preparing us to Seeking

  • We need the impartation of Prayer – preparing birthing

  • Pray travailing and Spirit of intercession- prepare the Spirit realm.

  • Prepare for Consecrated and dedicated worship- prepare change a city

  • Building a double wall around the congregation and nations – preparing for battle.

  • Watchman – preparing mature army

  • Transition – preparing change and position

  • A new tongues – preparing for a new heart.

  • 1 day out a week to fast and cut off everything. Preparing an consecrated army

  • 24/7 consecrated prayers – preparing the atmosphere

  • Youth – All night Prayer & lunch hour prayer – Prepare next generation

  • Ask God for 3 States in USA and 3 nations – to prepare to pray for the nations